Italian National Congress of Environmental Chemistry and Cultural Heritage June 27th 2018

Ticass will hold a presentation of the FORCE activities to a selected audience on June 27th.

First workshop in Resource City Network October 17th 2017

The FORCE project focuses on minimising the amount of waste by creating a circular economy. We will demonstrate this through value chain based partnerships with the aim of creating 10 new viable end-market solutions.

Circular economy and bioeconomy, opportunities for local businesses workshop held in Genova September 29th 2017

Genoa municipality, Ticass, Liguria Region and Unioncamere organized the workshop "Circular economy and bioeconomy, opportunities for local businesses"

First Business Workshop on Wood and Wood Waste - Genoa March 22nd-23rd 2017

The workshop, organised in collaboration between HamburgUniversity of Applied Sciences, Genoa Municipality and Amiu, is dedicated to italian stakeholders on wood and wood waste management and remanufacturing. Main language will be Italian with translation for FORCE partners (abstract in italian).

First Consortium Meeting of FORCE Project - Genoa March 21st-23rd 2017

Partners met and work together for three days to boost first steps of the foreseen activities.

Kick Off Meeting - Copenhagen September 15th-16th 2016

FORCE project - cities cooperating FOR Circular Economy started its path in September 2016. With the Kick off meeting the official launch of project activities began. All partner join the meeting with proactive ideas and participative approach that characterize a very collaborative climate. This is the right basis to perform activities on time and of good quality to reach the ambitious goals of the project. Explore and boost new and innovative market opportunity, based on the development of different value chain coherent with the circular Economic virtuous principles will be the real challenge of the partnership. Plastic, strategic metals, Food and biowaste and wood waste will be the materials used to finalize the actions. Copenhagen, Hamburg, Genova and Lisbon will be the site demonstration areas where the activities will took place